About us

Nordic FreeFold was founded by Dr. Morten Andresen because he—like many doctors before him—thought it must be possible to create better medical applications than the ones that already existed. Creating intuitive, user friendly products with a modern design that we would want to use ourselves is the company’s mission and foundation.

Morten Andresen


Morten has a PhD in clinical research from the Department of Neurosurgery at Copenhagen University Hospital. He has worked as a medical doctor for many years. Having experience with coding from his youth, Morten set out to give himself and his colleagues a better tool for writing notes for the medical chart, and thus Nordic FreeFold was born.

He has chosen to put his clinical neurosurgical career on hold to pursue his vision of creating gorgeous-looking easy-to-use web applications to help the medical community with their everyday clinical and research-related tasks. He remains very active in neurosurgical research, and is an advisor on ongoing PhD studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Chen Zhan


Chen is a pediatrician with many years of clinical and research experience. Ever since writing a paper on “the conception and implementation of an electronic charting program for use in emergency departments” as a young intern, she has been interested in working with the electronic tools available to doctors.
Chen has been with the company since 2013, and is responsible for the company’s financials and sales.