Prepare your scientific conference, workshop or symposium with confidence.


SummitFold is the first modern and user friendly system for organizing abstract submission and review for your summit.

Whether you are an editor, a reviewer, or just submitting an abstract, our elegant and easy to use system will make your work a joy. You can even choose to work on the go or from the comfort of your couch on your tablet or smartphone.

SummitFold is currently undergoing closed testing. Public release is planned for 2019.

Easy and secure process

Submitting an abstract has never been easier, safer or more enjoyable than with SummitFold. Through an intuitive three step process, you “follow” your chosen conference, login, submit your abstract, and—just like that—you’re done.

We make the utmost effort to protect your data and your privacy by encrypting all traffic sent between you and the server.

Innovative and stress-free design

In SummitFold you easily create and edit your abstract directly in your browser. No more emailing abstracts as text document attachments, and no more fiddling with author affiliations and changes in affiliation numbering when changing the order of authors.

The innovative authors and affiliations buttons allow you to connect authors with affiliations you enter, and drag and drop author names to rearrange the order.

Mobile devices welcome

With SummitFold you can work on your tablet or smart phone with the same elegant design and feel as on your computer. Make changes to your abstract and submit it on the go.

SummitFold works on all tablets and smart phones, including iPhone and iPad.

Personalized dashboard just for you

Find everything you need on your personalized dashboard, whether you are submitting or editing an abstract, reviewing assigned abstracts, or printing an abstract book.

Collaborate easily on abstract submission

Get your collaborators’ comments and edits directly in the submission system instead of sending word documents back and forth, and submit right away when you’re done.

Rate and comment reviews electronically

With the familiar and intuitive design layout of a mail inbox, reviewers get their personal “inbox” of abstracts to review. Rate the abstracts on a pre-defined visual analogue scale and write comments for the editor.

Export abstracts in anonymized form

Editors can easily assign and export abstracts in anonymized form to reviewers - either for online electronic review or offline paper-based process.

Make decisions on abstracts in bulk

Arrange or filter the abstracts according to review score or topics and check off abstracts in bulk for accept/reject decisions. Easily send automated decision emails to authors.

Export a beautiful abstract book

Gone are the days of copying and pasting abstracts for an abstract book manually. Export beautifully layouted abstract books in different formats with one click.

The future is coming in 2019

SummitFold is undergoing rapid development and we have many additional features planned. Look forward to more surprises in 2019.

What have you been missing?

We always end up discussing the time-draining parts of organizing conferences at the end of an exhausting day with a glass of wine. Get in touch and let us know which parts of the process drains the most of your time.