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WordFold helps you document notes in the patient chart quickly and correctly. Through an intuitive interface you click and tab your way to generating text for the patient chart. It helps you remember which signs and symptoms are relevant, and helps you comply with accreditation standards.

We work with you to customize the solution to your needs. The end result is better patient care, increased regulatory compliance, and happier doctors.

Create natural language notes without compromising patient safety

Many existing electronic chart templates create output that looks useless with yes/no answers and bad paragraph changes that compromise one’s overview. As a result many doctors make their own word-templates with the risk of forgetting to change pre-filled negative/positive findings that do not apply to the patient at hand.

WordFold generates notes with fluid sentences that look like manually written notes, but without risk of copying inaccurate information into the patient’s chart.

Nordic FreeFold

Raising the standards of patient care

Following the WordFold chart templates helps doctors remember all elements of the chart, improving patient safety and fulfilment of local accreditation requirements. The built-in validation feature catches missing essential components in the note and guides the user to complete the missing parts.

Using standardized questions in the chart is also ideal for collecting data for research projects, making certain all the required data is available for every patient.

Nordic FreeFold

Easy integration with existing systems

The text output generated by WordFold is copied to the clipboard, making it easy to paste the text into any electronic chart system.

Even if there is a breakdown of the electronic chart system, WordFold can be used in an emergency setting, where the generated notes are copied into a text editing program and saved.

There are already more than 20 existing templates to choose from to get started, and all templates are fully customizable, so you decide what’s important and not.

Nordic FreeFold

Save time with built-in smart functions

Calculating BMI, surface area, or different disease severity scores becomes a breeze with WordFold. The system can also suggest predefined typical actions, prescriptions, referrals, and diagnoses for proper coding in the patient administrative system.

All rules can be set and customized by you.

Cost efficient in times of austerity

Efficient use of WordFold minimizes the amount of time spent on tedious and repetitive documentation in the patient charts and allows doctors more time to treat patients.

… and it makes the work more enjoyable!

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